Hydro Jetting / Retro-Jetting

Equipments Used

First choice for clearing the blockage from the inside of pipes (50mm to 1,000mm) will be using the Hydro-Jetting / Retro-Jetting method. Our range of hydro-jetting equipment c/w centralizers at various operating pressures, which engage spinning nozzles to clean the pipes meant to up for the task.

A Roto-Car system which is able to remove difficult incrustations from the inside of pipes (150mm to 1,000mm bore) in a fast and efficient manner with greater flexibility. It rotates the hose, allowing the nozzle to jet the high pressure water around the internal surface of the pipe. The feed unit will feed or pull the hose automatically in or out of the pipe.

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High Pressure Jetting Skid comes with Rotofan Setup


Rotating Hose


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Foot Pedal