May 2014
January 2014
Fabrication of KBB Topsides

Bolting, Flange Management, Machining, Nitrogen Leak Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing and Water Flushing for various piping systems

Tapis R Topsides

Hydro Jetting, Lube Oil Flushing, System Flushing and Boroscope Inspection forĀ Gas Turbine Compressor, Gas Turbine Generator, Vent Lines, Fresh water cooling, fuel gas, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gas line, diesel fuel and corrosive gas lines  

Gumusut Kakap Topsides & Hull Project (Offshore)

Chemical Cleaning, Pigging, Lube Oil Flushing, Boroscope Inspection, System Flushing, Pressure Testing, Hydro Jetting, Oil Purification and Third Party Lab Analysis for various piping system

November 2013
Sumandak Phase 2

Chemical Cleaning, Lube oil Flushing and System flushing services for process gas cooler, gas turbine cooler, gas turbine generator, lube oil and nitrogen gas buffer system

October 2013
Siakap North Petai (SNP)

Chemical Cleaning and Internal Pickling & Passivation for blow off hazardous, sea water service, process gas, liquid fuel, instrument air, utility air, atmospheric venting, vessel trim, nitrogen generation, separation & air and gas compression system

September 2013

Chemical Cleaning and Lube Oil Flushing Works for fuel oil, lube oil, hydraulic and gas turbine cooler system

Ampa-9 HP Compression Module

Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing, Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Hydro Jetting and Video Camera Inspection services for various piping systems and compression module

August 2013
West Gas Station

Chemical Cleaning and Soft Pigging Works for Pipelines (Oxygen, Acetylene and Carbon Dioxide)

D12 & Laila, Betty & D35

Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Hydro Jetting and Boroscope Inspection services for fuel gas, fuel diesel gas, instrument air, hydraulic oil, process gas, lube oil, fuel oil, process gas and gas metering system

August 2013

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