May 2013

Leak Test / Reinstatement for HP Production Separator system

March 2013

Hot Oil Flushing for Turret, Chemical Injection, methanol Injection and Swivel Hoist system

November 2012
October 2012

Water Flushing, Hydro Jetting and Nitrogen Charging Services for LP Flare, HP Flare, Process gas, Process liquid, Produced water, Cooling and Heating medium, Instrument air, Sea water, Fuel gas piping, Flowline circulation pump piping, Vent and Lp Separator MBD piping systems

Cendor Phase 2

Hot Oil Flushing and Leak Testing Services for hydraulic tubing and CDW-B & CDW-C piping system

August 2012
F13K & F8K Compression Project

Hydro Jetting, Water Flushing, Hot Oil Flushing and Boroscope Inspection for vent air, instrument air piping and lube oil cooler system

June 2012
F23 VLAP Project (Onshore & Offshore)

Chemical Cleaning, Hot Oil Flushing, Boroscope Inspection and Hydro Jetting for process gas, fuel gas, lube oil coolers, synthetic lube oil, mineral lube oil piping systems

Abu Cluster

Hot Oil Flushing for Hydraulic Oil operated system

April 2012
March 2012
ONGC Process (B-193 Process Platform / Topsides)

Bolt Toquing, Chemical Clenaing, Hot OIl Flushing and Boroscope Inspection Services for AQ & PGC Module, process gas system, lube oil piping system, compressor suction and discharged scrubber system.

March 2012

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